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Updated June 2024

Institute of Aikido Winter School 2024

Winter Sc 2024

The IoA Winter School 2024 was held on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March at the Slough Centre  Aikido Dojo in Farnham, Slough. It was attended by some 25 Aikidoka from Slough, Livingston and The Hut, with visitors from other associations. Congratulations go to two Slough members, Mick Evans and Norman Martin, who were awarded their 4th Dan.

Sensei Foster memorial Training Session 2024

On 12 February Aikidoka from Slough Centre Aikido joined members of The Hut Dojo for a Training Session in memory of Sensei Haydn Foster, the founder of the Institute of Aikido, who died in 2011. The session was led by his grandson, Sensei Paul Foster-Dent, at The Hut Dojo in Uxbridge.