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News Archive 2015:

Congratulations - to Slough member Arthur Parker on gaining his Orange Belt (4th Kyu) at a Grading at the new Dojo on Tuesday 21 April.

Dan Grading successes!

Congratulations go to Slough members Luis Amigo and Rob Dunford who gained their Shodan (first degree) Black Belts at the IoA Winter Course which was held at Broadland Aikido Club at Lowestoft over the weekend of 6/7/8 March 2015. Congrats also to Hut member Janet Pain who also trains at Slough on her attaining her Nidan (Third Dan) over the same weekend. Rob and Luis are pictured below with Lisa Readdy of Broadland Aikido Club.

Slough Centre Aikidoka visit The Hut:

On Monday 15 February 2016 Sensei Timms and a group of Slough Centre members visited The Hut in Uxbridge for a Training Session led by Sensei Paul Foster-Dent in memory of his grandfather, Sensei Haydn Foster, the Founder of the Institute of Aikido who passed away five years ago.